Zoe Boekelheide: condensed matter physics; magnetic materials; magnetic nanoparticles; magnetic and thermodynamic measurements of magnetic nanoparticle colloids, specifically for bio- applications such as cancer treatment

Andrew Dougherty: Newtonian dynamics; electronics; condensed matter experiments, especially pattern formation at interfaces that are not in equilibrium; and phase changes at high pressure

Annemarie Exarhos: experimental condensed matter, optical spectroscopy of atom-scale defects in crystals, confocal fluorescence microscopy, single-photon spectroscopy

Christopher Hawley: synthesis, modeling, and development of nanoscale materials and devices for new electronic, photonic, and energy applications

G. Lyle Hoffman: astrophysics and cosmology, especially radio astronomy and the structures of galaxies and clusters of galaxies

David Nice: pulsars; relativistic gravitation; gravitational waves; binary star evolution; characteristics and physics of neutron stars; radio telescope instrumentation; and data analysis

Brooks Thomas: elementary particle theory; cosmology; dark matter; Higgs-boson physics; supersymmetry; and the matter-antimatter asymmetry

Bradley Antanaitis: medical and biological physics; biophysics, especially structure-function correlation studies of metal-bearing proteins and enzymes

Anthony Novaco: solid state physics; theoretical condensed matter physics in two dimensions, especially quantum solids and liquids